Accept CVS gift card payments

CVS Openbucks

How it works

From your checkout, the customer simply selects ‘Pay With Gift Cards’. The customer is redirected to the paysafecard payment platform via Openbucks to select the CVS gift card and enters the card / PIN number when prompted. Cards are redeemed in real time with the retail issuer and instantly validated with a 100% no chargeback, no fraud guarantee to you. 

Merchant advantages

  1. - Reach U.S. consumers that do not use credit cards or bank accounts
  2. - 9,800+ CVS locations
  3. - Real time online processing
  4. - No fraud and no chargebacks
  5. - Processes transactions up to $1,000 USD
  6. - Perfect for gaming, digital goods, mobile topup, subscriptions, e-commerce, travel and utilities
  7. - Available via API integration, WooCommerce and Magento plugins or PSP such as Xsolla, Paymentwall and more

About CVS

CVS Pharmacy is one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States, with 9,900 stores located in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. CVS is one of the largest retailer pharmacy chains in the U.S. with 9,900+ locations in 49 states and has been in business for more than 50 years. CVS Pharmacy fills more than one of every five prescriptions in the United States, and 76% of the U.S. population now lives within 5 miles of a CVS Pharmacy. The ExtraCare loyalty program boasts over 70 million cardholders, making it the largest retail loyalty program in the country. In 2019, it ranked eighth on the Fortune 500 and 19th on the Fortune Global 500 list with $194.58 billion in annual revenue.

Create a merchant account

  1. 1. Contact Openbucks
    Contact us here and get access to our merchant application
  2. 2. Set up test account
    Receive test keys to implement on your checkout
  3. 3. Go Live
    Submit a request to go live and start getting paid

Helpful links

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