Accept Pacific Coffee gift card payments

Pacific Coffee

How it works

From your checkout, the customer simply selects ‘Pay With Gift Cards’. The customer is redirected to the paysafecard payment platform via Openbucks to select the Pacific Coffee gift card and enters the card / PIN number when prompted. Cards are redeemed in real time with the retail issuer and instantly validated with a 100% no chargeback, no fraud guarantee to you. 

Merchant advantages

  1. - Reach Hong Kong consumers that do not use credit cards or bank accounts
  2. - 138+ Pacific Coffee locations
  3. - Real time online processing
  4. - No fraud and no chargebacks
  5. - Processes transactions up to $1,000 HKD
  6. - Perfect for gaming, digital goods, mobile topup and subscriptions
  7. - Available via API integration or PSP such as Paymentwall

About Pacific Coffee Card

Pacific Coffee, formerly known as Pacific Coffee Company is a Pacific Northwest U.S.–style coffee shop group originating from Hong Kong, with outlets in China, Singapore and Malaysia. The Hong Kong region has over 138+ locations.

The Pacific Coffee card is a gift card and reward program that enables customers to earn points for coffee purchases in addition to spending the gift card on online websites via Openbucks.

Helpful links

  1. API Documentation
  2. Partner FAQ