Accept paysafecard payments with Openbucks


How it works

From your checkout, the customer simply selects ‘Pay With Gift Cards’. The customer is redirected to the paysafecard payment platform to select the paysafecard and enters the 16-digit paysafecard code when prompted. Cards are redeemed in real time with the retail issuer and instantly validated with a 100% no chargeback, no fraud guarantee to you. 

Merchant advantages

  1. - Reach U.S. consumers that do not use credit cards or bank accounts
  2. - 650,000+ paysafecard locations worldwide
  3. - 50+ countries, 31 currencies, 27 languages
  4. - Real time online processing
  5. - No fraud and no chargebacks
  6. - Processes transactions up to $300 USD
  7. - Perfect for games, igaming and sports
  8. - Available via API integration or PSP such as Paymentwall

About paysafecard

Paysafe is a global market leader in the provision of eCash payment solutions. The goal of its eCash division is to target simple and secure online transactions through prepaid and online cash solutions. Today, it is available to purchase in over 650,000 sales outlets in over 50 countries and its brands include paysafecard, my paysafecard, paysafecard Mastercard® and Paysafecash.

The paysafecard, uses a 16-digit code to enable customers to shop online without using an account or credit card, protecting their confidential financial information. In 2018, the paysafecard team developed a complementary product – Paysafecash – which allows customers to shop online first and then visit a nearby offline payment point to pay securely for their purchases with cash. Paysafecash is already available in almost 30 countries (paysafecard website).

Create a merchant account

  1. 1. Contact Openbucks
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  2. 2. Set up test account
    Receive test keys to implement on your checkout
  3. 3. Go Live
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Helpful links

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  2. API Documentation
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