Openbucks launches Magento plugin



Openbucks is a payment gateway that enables online merchants to accept cash and retailer gift cards as a form of payment from consumers who do not use bank accounts or credit cards to transact online. Founded in 2011, we envision a world where online payments are affordable, safe and available to the millions of consumers who are excluded from e-commerce because they do not use credit cards or bank accounts. We are accomplishing this vision through our partnership with CVS/Pharmacy and Dollar General retailer stores. We have 25,000+ Openbucks servicing payment locations in the U.S. and over 2,000 integrated merchants, PSP's and aggregators. With a zero chargeback guarantee to the merchant and no fees to the consumer, we are the most convenient alternative payment solution in the U.S.

The Openbucks extension gives Magento merchants a method of accepting cash payments. For example, a customer can go to any CVS/Pharmacy location, purchase a CVS gift card, and use it to complete an online purchase at your Magento store. From your checkout, the customer simply selects to pay with “Cash / Gift Cards”. The customer is redirected to the Openbucks payment platform to choose their payment option (CVS or Dollar General) and enters their card / PIN number when prompted. Openbucks collects funding information, completes the transaction and sends a payment notification (postback) to Magento. The payment status of the order is updated and the delivery of goods can be completed.

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Accounting and Pricing

To use this extension, you’ll need to create an Openbucks merchant account by contacting Transaction fees will be charged for every transaction. Transaction fees vary from merchant to merchant and Openbucks does not provide pricing details publicly. For more information and to create an account, please contact directly.


  1. For Admins:
  2. - Openbucks handles entire process, compliance and fund flow
  3. - Hosted checkout form
  4. - No chargebacks or fraud
  5. - Accept USD transactions
  6. - Accept cash payments via CVS Pharmacy 9,800+ locations
  7. - Accept cash payments via Dollar General with 15,200+ locations
  8. - Openbucks customer and technical support 24/7
  9. - Robust anti-fraud and AML procedures
  10. - Reporting and billing engine with .CSV downloads
  11. - Metrics and analytics
  1. For Customers:
  2. - Safe alternative payment using cash via gift cards from local retailers
  3. - No fees
  4. - 24/7 customer support

Demos and Support

  1. Payment demo
  2. Magento documentation
  3. Merchant FAQ