oBucks Reseller Program

Last updated: January 14, 2020

What is the oBucks card?

The oBucks card is a closed-loop, digital prepaid card issued by Openbucks Corp. oBucks cards are redeemable in over a thousand online games (see list below). At the reseller’s request, Openbucks can also issue oBucks cards that are restricted to being redeemed at a specific merchant.

oBucks redemption codes consist of a 16-digits card number and an 4-digits PIN code. Consumers can check their oBucks card balance at: https://www.openbucks.com/balance

Where can oBucks cards be used?

oBucks cards are redeemable in over a thousand online games and include the following:

Wargaming – World of tanks, etc. Twitch
GTArcade – League of Angels, etc. Plarium - Vikings: War of Clans, etc.
InnoGames – Forge of Empire, God Kings, etc. Habbo Hotel
BigPoint – Farmerama, Dark Orbit, etc. Smilegate West - Crossfire, etc.
RedFox Games –Black Desert, RF Online, etc. JoyMax
FlowPlay – VegasWorld, Zone Casino, etc. Kog Games
Goodgame Studios – GoodGame Empire, etc. Gamigo/Aeria Games
IMVU Artix Entertainment
Warmane Webzen

oBucks is also supported by most of the merchants who use one of the following monetization platforms: Paymentwall, Xsolla, G2A Pay and more.

For a complete list of games (but non-exhaustive), visit: https://www.openbucks.com/merchantlist

Ordering oBucks cards

There are two methods for resellers to order oBucks cards:

1. Card batches: Ordered via a PDF “Purchase Order” form. Card batches are delivered by Openbucks in an encrypted format to an email address previously specified by the reseller.

2. API: Using an Openbucks’ RESTful Obucks issue API

NOTE: Please email purchases@openbucks.com to receive the P.O. form and/or the API documentation.

Assets for the oBucks card

For logo, card and other custom graphic requirements, please email marketing@openbucks.com.

Instructions for customers to redeem the cards

Instructions for customers to redeem the cards generally look like this:

1. Customer goes to the merchant checkout
2. Selects “Cash and GIft Cards” button (sometimes under “more options”)
3. Customer is redirected to Openbucks payment platform and selects the “oBucks” option
4. Enters their oBucks card and PIN number to redeem their purchase