Obucks gaming card

From gift card resellers to reward programs

Whether you sell gift cards or have a reward program, you can grow revenue and deliver a better customer experience by selling Obucks gaming cards accepted on 1,000+ online merchants.

How it works

Customer experience

Select 'Cash and Gift Cards'

Customers select the 'Cash and Gift Cards' button on the merchant checkout.

Choose payment method

Customers are redirected to paysafecard to select the 'Obucks' card to pay for their order.

Enter details and redeem

Customers enter their payment information and the transaction is instantly validated - no chargebacks.

Obucks  user flow

Accepted on 1,000+ gaming sites

Obucks is supported by over 1,000+ merchants including merchants who use one of the following monetization platforms: Paymentwall, Xsolla, G2A Pay and more.

Discounted rates for resellers

Order bulks of cards with any value between $1.00 - $500.00 USD and get discounted rates off the face value of the card.

Obucks reseller discounts

Secure bulk orders via card batches or API

Order cards via a PDF "Purchase Order" form and receive card batches in an encrypted .CSV format or via our RESTful Obucks issue API.


Other services

Backed by robust security protocols

No chargebacks

Payments from customers are automatically and instantly checked for validation with 100% no chargeback to you.

Anti-Fraud and AML

Our fraud engine and AML procedures are followed by robust legal, policy and compliance processes.


We provide technical and 24/7 customer service support so you'll never have to worry about unanswered problems.