Payment platform

Online consumers can pay cash for your goods and services

We work with local retailers to enable their gift cards and POS's to be used as a form of payment ideal for online consumers who do not have bank accounts, credit cards or prefer to pay cash online for security reasons.

How it works

Customer experience

Select 'Cash and Gift Cards'

Customers select the 'Cash and Gift Cards' button on your checkout.

Choose payment method

Customers are redirected to paysafecard to select a retailer gift card to pay for their order.

Enter details and redeem

Customers enter their payment information and the transaction is instantly validated - no chargebacks.

Payment gateway user flow

Multiple payment and currency options

Our payment solution is globally offered with 680,000+ servicing payment locations, and 50+ countries, 31 currencies, 27 languages supported. There are zero chargebacks to the merchant and no fees to the customer.

Payment method list

Start integrating in minutes

Easily integrate our payment platform into your checkout using a payment API via paysafecard or plugins. Customers simply select the 'Cash and Gift Cards' button on your checkout and are redirected to the paysafecard payment page to complete the transaction. You'll recieve a payment notification so that goods can be delivered to the customer.

API documentation


API and plugins

Transaction and analytics dashboard

Our systems handle the entire process, compliance and fund flow. You'll be set up with a merchant dashboard to easily track all aspects of your transactions and settlement statements.

Other services

Backed by robust security protocols

No chargebacks

Payments from customers are automatically and instantly checked for validation with 100% no chargeback to you.

Anti-Fraud and AML

Our fraud engine and AML procedures are followed by robust legal, policy and compliance processes.


We provide technical and 24/7 customer service support so you'll never have to worry about unanswered problems.

2,000+ merchants and aggregators