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Payment gateway

Our payment gateway enables merchants to offer online consumers cash and prepaid payment options that do not require bank accounts or credit cards.

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Online checkout

Payment plugins

Our payment gateway is available on WooCommerce, Magento and more. Simply create a merchant account and add your merchant keys to activate.

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Sell in store

Product card program

Our product card program provides end to end services to get your products distributed in-store without the hurdle of limited shelf space.

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Reseller program

oBucks gaming card

The oBucks card is accepted on 100,000+ gaming merchants and an easy solution for resellers looking to monetize prepaid consumers.

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Openbucks API and Plugins

We have two methods of integration by using a payment API via paysafecard or plugins. Customers are redirected to the Openbucks payment URL where we collect funding information and complete the transaction. You'll receive a postback notification so that goods can be delivered.

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Openbucks Merchants and Aggregators

Merchants typically see a lift of 2-3% in sales when Openbucks payment methods are added to their checkout coupled with ongoing marketing campaigns. Payments from customers are automatically and instantly validated with a 100% no chargeback guarantee.

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